FLT Machines

Tricot machines for the world

Tricot / Stockinette upholstery systems for cushions & mattresses! 

Dutch development and design.

Complete range of machines for cushion and mattresses.

  • Systems for hand operations upto fully automated Factory Automated production lines.
  • Due to our universal design, you will receive as a user the freedom and independency of choice of the stockinette bundels.
  • We also offer a selection of bundles, specifically produced for our systems.
  • All our machines and systems are digitally designed (3D CAD), so we can set up your workplace in 3D preview with all details of our systems.
  • Designed to operate with other machines. Make your own combinations with pushers, supply bands and other.
  • Multiple configuration sets for easy setup and easy operations.
  • Industrial quality materials used in combination with heavy framework which quarantines a lifetime of undisturbed operation.
  • All our machines can be made with custom colours and measurements.
  • Color touch-display of the PLC. Now with FLT Seal Controller with industrial PLC Routines. This seal controller contains intelligent temperature curves and monitors the machine and it's control.
  • We offer a whole team of professional staff with decades of experience in the Tricot / Stockinette knitter and as a Tricot-machine builder.
  • World Wide Service and support, by our own technicians and specialists.
  • Designed and build by electro technical machine builder of the Netherlands. Watch out for clones, copycats or imitations!


FLT Machines is part of FlevoTech Engineering and is manufacturer and supplier of tricot upholstery machines.

The mattress industry is dependent on reliable partners and suppliers for the production processes. We would like to discuss the possibilities for the new tricot and packaging inside your company. Our products are custom machinery for the mattress and upholstery industry, but also greatly adjustable for other purposes.

From covering mattresses, cushions or other material with your upholstery product, the machines of FLT will certainly satisfy the production demand and reduce the current time duration of the production cycle.


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  • A Series 7035
  • A Series White
  • A Series Black
  • A Series Blue
  • A Series Green
  • A Series Orange
  • A Series Red
  • A Series Yellow
  • A Series Specials: Mondriaan
  • A Series Specials: R2D2
  • A Series Specials: Smurfs
  • In- OutFeed

    In- Out Feed Rollertrack

  • D4 Flat

    D4 Flat Model

  • D4 Model

    D4 Original

  • D4 Flat2

    D4 Model (Custom Made)

  • E4 Model

    E4 Model

  • F1 Model

    F1 Model (Seal Frame)

  • F2 Model

    F2 Model (Complete In- Out Feed)

  • F2 Model

    F2 Model (Seal Frame)

  • F3 Model

    F3 Model Drawing



Upholstery & covering machines

The stockinette systems are developed for upholstering tricot around cushions and mattresses. Machines are adaptable for all kinds of sleeving packages.