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We supply stockinette to the foam trade for use with cushions and foam mattresses. It is necessary to cover the foam with stockinette to prevent the foam plucking the outer cover and causing damage to the products.

‘Size is everything’

We offer 2 types of tricot material: Nylon & Polyester. Each type is different in stretch, length or weight.

Sealing of the tricot is made by a combination of pressure and heat. The more tricot is placed on a mattress, the more effective the seal will be. It is extremely important that you do use enough tricot on a mattress.

Too much stretching will also have a negative result on the seal weld. Our people will be happy to advice and instruct you with the right choices for your type of foam, cushions or matrasses.

 Cushions / Pillows
Polyester: Made with quality knitted polymer. Stretch maximum: 1700mm
Nylon: Made with quality knitted nylon. Stretch maximum: 1570mm


Mattresses Maximum stretch:
Polyester: Made with quality knitted polymer. 2100mm
Nylon: Made with quality knitted nylon. 2100mm ‘Light’
2750mm ‘Light’
3500mm ‘Light’
2750mm ‘Heavy’
3500mm ‘Heavy’


Bundles (Hanks):

This high stretch stockinette is made from synthetic, polyester or nylon. It is made in special bundles, to be applied to the foam by our tricot machines. The Stockinette gives you a protective low cost cover. The high stretch stockinette we supply, is ideal for covering a variety of foam sizes from small cushions up to large mattresses.


Classic bundles have the advantage that the bundles are stretched by the machines till the desired width for the mattress or pillow is reached. For applying the bundles, the spreader arms must complete closed. Folded bundles are pre-stretched and therefore easy to apply. They give a nice tension of the stockinette on the mattress or pillow. Because they are pre-stretched they require to be more carefully handled. Because there is less tension the cannot be used for smaller sizes, a new (smaller) bundle must be applied.


With a Rollinet you can very quickly cover your pillow or mattress with tricot / stockinette. The tricot is for your convenience already rolled up and is available for all sizes pillows and matresses.

The remaining tricot, after applied to the pillow can easily cut off and pushed inside the foam. If requested the tricot can also sealed and cut off by our SSM or with the longer sealbeam of the upcoming H0900 Micro.

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